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Zadanie 8.
Przeczytaj tekst, z którego usunięto cztery zdania. Wybierz w każdą lukę literę, którą oznaczono brakujące zdanie (A–E), tak aby otrzymać spójny i logiczny tekst.
Uwaga! Jedno zdanie zostało podane dodatkowo i nie pasuje do żadnej luki.
Zadanie 8.1.
Once, the Navajo Indians asked their new leader, Keme, if the coming winter was going to be cold. However, he knew it was good to be prepared, so he told his people to collect firewood.
Zadanie 8.2.
To make sure his decision was right, Keme decided to ask for advice. He called the National Weather Service. “It looks like this winter is going to be quite cold,” the weatherman said.
Zadanie 8.3.
Then the leader told his people to collect even more wood. A week later, Keme called the weather service again. “Is it going to be a very cold winter?” he asked. The leader went back to his people and ordered them to collect every piece of firewood they could find.
Zadanie 8.4.
Two weeks later Keme called the weather service for the third time. “Are you sure the winter is going to be freezing cold?” “Absolutely,” the man responded. “The Indians are collecting extra supplies of firewood” – came the reply to Keme’s question.
A. Again the meteorologist confirmed that it was.
B. To get some, he decided to contact some experts.
C. Surprisingly, the new leader wanted to collect wood himself.
D. This time Keme wanted to know why the meteorologist thought so.
E. Poor Keme wasn’t experienced and had no idea how to answer this question.

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