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powtórka z angielskiego 2020 - cz. I

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Zadanie 3.
Przeczytaj teksty o trzech kuchniach na kółkach (A–C) oraz zdania dotyczące tych kuchni. Do każdego zdania dopasuj właściwy tekst. Uwaga! Jeden tekst pasuje do dwóch zdań.


tekst A
The NeatMeat food truck serves burgers, chips and hot black tea. All their burgers have meat, so if you’re a vegetarian the only thing you’ll get there are chips. If you fancy a fruit salad or some other dessert, you should try somewhere else. You can also book the The NeatMeat truck for group events organized in the open air.

tekst B
The Yummy Food truck serves meat in their food but everything is natural. You can also order organic tea or coffee and locally grown, 100% natural vegetables, but you won’t get a dessert here. All the things on the menu are low-fat, vitamin-rich and taste delicious. No wonder you can’t hire this truck for parties – they’re too busy serving street-food customers.

tekst C
The Bonito food truck sells pancakes with fruit, jam and chocolate. If you’re looking for healthy food you’d better go somewhere else. Everyone else will find The Bonito a paradise. They also prepare freshly squeezed juice and their own smoothies with strawberries and bananas. However, this food truck sells only to individual customers. So if you’re thinking about having one at a party, check out other options.
This food truck is best for someone who
Zadanie 3.1.
only wants to have a sweet dish.
Zadanie 3.2.
would like to hire it for outdoor parties.
Zadanie 3.3.
is fond of fruit drinks.
Zadanie 3.4.
prefers eco-friendly food.
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