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powtórka z angielskiego 2020 - cz. I

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Zadanie 12.
Przeczytaj teksty. W poniższych zadaniach z podanych odpowiedzi wybierz właściwą, zgodną z treścią tekstu.

Hi Jane,
I’ve passed my test and I can ride a motorbike! My parents are on holiday but I’ve already called them to share the news. I hope that my brother will let me ride his motorbike. I’m so proud.
Zadanie 12.1.
Helen’s message is about

From: Bernard Rodney
To: Anne Johnson
Subject: George’s absence

Dear Mrs Johnson,
I am your son’s Maths teacher. I am worried because George has been absent from school for three days. I’d like to inform you that on Monday there is a Maths test and if George comes to school this week, I can give him some extra help.
Please phone me or e-mail me.
Best regards,
Bernard Rodney
Zadanie 12.2.
Mr. Rodney is writing to Mrs. Johnson

Alice, I’m sorry, I can’t visit you today. I have a stomach ache. I’ve just come back from the doctor’s. I hope I won’t have to go to hospital. I’m sure it’s because of something I ordered at that new fast food restaurant. You’re lucky your grandma cooks for you.
Zadanie 12.3.
Robert won’t visit Alice because

From: Robbie
To: Peter
Subject: My new place

Hi Peter,
I’m writing to tell you I don’t like my new place. Quite a lot of cars drive along the street making lots of noise. The old house was smaller, but I had a bigger room there. And there were so many small shops nearby. Here we’ve only got an ugly supermarket at the end of the street.
But do come and visit me soon.
Zadanie 12.4.
Robbie’s new house is situated
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