powtórka z angielskiego 2020 - cz. II

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Zadanie 6.
Przeczytaj informacje o trzech osobach oraz opisy czterech aplikacji dla kibiców (A–D). Do każdej osoby dopasuj aplikację, którą ta osoba byłaby najbardziej zainteresowana.
Uwaga! Jedna aplikacja została podana dodatkowo i nie pasuje do żadnej osoby.

Opisy aplikacji:

A. Sports Fan
It lets you view all the matches of your favourite team in real time without annoying ads. Plan your weekend with an easy-to-read timetable and get offers for low priced seats in stadiums. The app would be even better if its users could contact other fans.

B. Breaking Sports
Get it if you want to learn quickly what’s going on in the world of sport. Matches aren’t shown. Sort by sport, team or player and you’ll get one-sentence news and pictures of the teams and athletes you selected. However, some users complain about too many ads.

C. Match Day
Users love it because it offers both short messages and long articles as well as a calendar which lets you look up all important matches. You can select your favourite team to follow but unfortunately you won’t find any photos of individual players. Ticket advertisements may be annoying.

D. Sport Crazy
It combines sport news with social activities with no adds spoiling your fun. Quickly share the articles you read and exchange opinions with other fans about a match you all watched. Players can also get involved, which brings teams and fans closer together.
Zadanie 6.1.

Joe wants to post photos and articles about his favourite teams. After an important match he would like to read comments from other fans and chat with them. He would prefer an app without advertisements.
Zadanie 6.2.

Lisa would like to get short messages because she’s too busy to read articles or watch matches. Lisa supports two special players and wants to see their photos and get news about them. She doesn’t mind ads.
Zadanie 6.3.

Edward is a keen supporter of his city club. He wants to get information about the matches they are going to play and about cheaper tickets. He likes watching events live much more than reading articles. Ads make him angry.
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